Resources for Java Developers

Java Blogs for Developers 2023

If you are looking to upgrade your java skills, or you want to learn java.

These blogs will help you a lot.

Official Blog by Oracle

If you want to learn java, or you want to know what is happening in the industry related to java. This is one of the top java blogs you can encounter.

One of the best part about this java blog is, it is maintained by oracle.

So you get all the insider news related to java the world of java.

InfoQ Java Blog

InfoQ is all about Software Development News, Trends and Best Practises.

It contains everything related to java like

  • News about Java
  • Articles about Java
  • Presentations about Java
  • Guides(ebooks) about Java
  • Podcasts about Java

jOOQ Blog

jOOQ (Java Object Oriented Querying) takes care of all Java/SQL infrastrucuter problems.

In simple terms, it helps you write better SQL quries in Java.

Their blog contains expert blogs of how-to articles, tips and tricks, best practices of java and step by step guides.

Thorben Janssen Java Blog

Thorben is author of his blog and bestselling book Hibernet Tips