What strategies should you use to hire a team for your startup?

Learn how to find members for your team

The first step in your hiring process to find your team is knowing how to find them. There are many ways to find your team:

1.Work your network: Collaborate with friends, universities, former colleagues, etc., to spread the word about who you are looking for.

2. Reach out to people you know that they have the skills you want: If you know someone who fits the job description you seek, you can connect with them and also let them know the type of person you’re interested in for your startup position. They likely will have other people in their networks with similar interests that you’re looking for.

3. Virtual Network: To meet people outside of your circle, you can attend networking events (in person or virtually), LinkedIn, etc. You have to be patient.

Know who you’re looking for

Before you start selecting for a position, write a job description about the type of person you’re looking for.

So, before advertising:

Revamp your interview process

Interviewing is an essential step when hiring a team  for your startup.

You can conduct an effective interview by:

  1. Asking candidates to complete a task: A good way to check candidate experience is by giving them an assignment. It doesn’t have to be too complicated. Through this way, you can make sure if they have the skills needed for the job.

2. Checking candidates’ backgrounds: When you run a background check, it verifies the information in their application. This helps you to come up with questions to ask in the interview and see whether to select the candidate forward in the process.

Follow some talent assessment methods

After reviewing your applicant’s resume, skills, it’s time to interview him/her personally.

To know his/her talent, you can follow some talent assessment methods to determine whether they fulfil your requirements.

  1. Personality tests: Here, you can identify valuable attributes like leadership, and creativity and assess them easily alongside the characteristics of other candidates. 
  1. Cognitive ability testing: Also known as “General Aptitude Tests.” It usually includes numerical and verbal reasoning and even logic exercises, problem-solving and more. This helps you know the candidate’s general ability when solving fundamental problems.

What qualities to look for when hiring team members for your startup?


Attitude is something that you won’t be able to identify from someone’s resume alone, so it is crucial to keep in mind to properly interview your candidates.

Attitudes that you should look for can be:

Eager to learn

Your startup at some point may experience a good amount of growth if everything goes according to your business plan.

Therefore, you need to bring people who are more eager to learn and grow within your company and by taking on new responsibilities and tasks.


With all startups, there will be constant changes. As you are starting and figuring things out, business will probably change many times before you find reliable methods that work well each time.

So, make sure that the people you hire are flexible enough to adjust to these changes.

Soft skills

You should look for soft skills as these skills are also crucial for your startup. There are many types of soft skills to consider like communication skills, interpersonal skills, adaptability, creativity, empathy, etc.

Summing up


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  1. Where can I find exceptional team members for your startup?

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