What is Mental health?

Mental health is a state of well-being within which an individual will deal with everyday stressors, work productively, reach his or her full potential, and contribute to their community.

Mental health, along with physical health and social well-being, is an important element of overall health.

There are many factors that can harm mental space in the workplace like:

Why is mental health important in a workplace?

Engagement with work

Poor mental state results in demotivation and lack of focus. When we have workplace mental state problems, our minds wander or fixate on our issues, creating it tough to manage our thoughts and emotions.

Productivity and job performance

Bad mental health can affect the job performance since it disturbs creativity and resilience. Without these skills, we don’t perform well at our jobs.

Physical capability and daily functioning

Not having a good mental health increases social anxiety, reduces cognitive performance and working memory, poor mental health can also leave a bad physical capability.


It’s difficult to communicate well when we’re not mentally feeling well. Bad mental health leads to over-reacting and having a rude behavior towards colleagues.

It may come as speaking with a bad and aggressive tone, being a poor listener, or having a negative attitude.


Poor mental health can also lead to a lack of control, unhealthy thoughts, and poor decision-making. Poor decision-making may lead to bad impression, showing up late, not completing tasks, or not adhering to company policies.

Why should companies focus on mental health in a workplace?

Poor mental health in the workplace is a very serious issue and are problematic for companies.

Having a really poor mental health in the workplace can result in:

How to create a healthy work environment in a workplace?

There are few steps that organizations can take to create a healthy workplace:

Summing up

Mental health conditions can also impact colleagues, communities, and society at large. Depression and anxiety can even cost the global economy US$ 1 trillion each year because of reduced productivity.

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