What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a distinctive digital quality that represents possession of real-world things like art, video clips, music, and more. 

NFTs use an equivalent blockchain technology that powers cryptocurrencies, however they are not a currency.

As companies within the NFT and blockchain space fill out their ranks, many positions have become very important roles that NFT and blockchain businesses have to be compelled to fill.

What are some trending job openings in NFT domain?

Solidity Engineer/Developer – An object-oriented artificial language like JavaScript and additional tools are being created to assist professionals learn and train in Solidity, because it is double as standard as the next blockchain secret writing language.

An elementary part of any company’s growth into blockchain and NFTs, Solidity Engineers and Developers are coming up with coding, testing and deploying sensible contracts.

Blockchain Developer

Relatedly, because of the foundation of NFTs and cryptocurrencies, those with skills and knowledge with the blockchain square measure are very valuable for businesses wanting to urge into this rising technology. 

Separated into 2 varieties, Core Blockchain Developers and Blockchain software system Developers, have specific responsibilities and will vary from company to company. 

Blockchain Developers are going to be tasked with making and guaranteeing security and compliance across a blockchain network, building and implementing localised applications, and developing best practices within a company’s blockchain system.

For people who have expertise in Cryptography, Data, net Development, or code writing, together with data of blockchain, these developer positions may well be an excellent work.

UI/UX Designer

When it comes to blockchain and NFTs, a size-able amount of the public, even in the tech community still don’t completely understand the full scope of these technologies and projects.

However, a person that has knowledge of the NFT and blockchain space but is somewhat lacking the technical background and moving into via UI/UX designer jobs could be a nice entry purpose. 


No matter the company in tech, Cybersecurity staff will be in high demand. Within the growing web3 world, having the ability to keep data safe whereas victimising the most recent technologies may be a talent that’s dominant to the success of blockchain and NFT endeavors.

With the recent slate of problems like taken NFT assets and discovered vulnerabilities in marketplaces like OpeanSea, having the expertise to combat these threats are valuable to companies within the area.

Creative and marketing Management

Similar to UI/UX careers, operating in a very promoting department within a blockchain/NFT company could be a nice chance for a career in NFTs. Marketing departments are growing in blockchain businesses. 

From building companies on social media, targeted advertising, or copywriting, an honest NFT marketer can combine the in depth information of NFTs and therefore the ability to beat up excitement for a new project.

Outside of non-technical roles like marketing, there are extra roles and skills that are omnipresent around the tech world that companies within the blockchain and NFT world have an interest in.

Things like having expertise in operating among the cloud, package engineering roles and full-stack developers have their place during this growing sector.

What job roles are available as an NFT expert?

Some of the common job roles suited for an NFT expert are:

Jobs in NFTs are equally allocated between business/marketing roles as 45% and development/product roles as 45%. Legal/compliance jobs exemplify a frontier part of all job proposals in this industry at 10%.

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